Day 2 Pray

Covering the 3rd Sunday of each month in prayer.

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What is it?

Day to Pray is a ministry of Light of the World Prayer Center. Their mission is to cover Whatcom county in prayer 24/7 by partnering with churches to each take on one Day2Pray every month to pray for our city, county, and country.

WNLA has committed to praying for 24 hours on the 3rd Sunday of each month. We want to use this time to pray for our church, our city, and the people and churches of Whatcom County. 

At WNLA, we have also committed to praying through the Whatcom County phone book! You will receive 10 names each month as we pray for people in our area.

The prayer center also has a list of prayer requests compiled by groups focusing on various spheres of influence in our area. 

How it works

1) Choose a time slot

Our Day 2 Pray display is located in our foyer. To sign up for a time, just grab a card with the time you want on it!

Each time slot is one 1/2 hour. 

2) Prayer sheet 

Take one from the display, or view the sheet here. 

Your card also has 10 names of people in Whatcom County. 

3) Pray

During your time slot on the 3rd Sunday of every month, pray for our city, our county, its people and its churches, and whatever the Lord puts on your heart.

4) Repeat

We will reset the cards every month so you can come back and get a new card and 10 new names to pray for.