Learning As We Play

At Whatcom New Life Assembly

We understand that placing your preschool aged child in a
program is a very big and sometimes scary decision. We are committed to making
sure that you feel completely comfortable and that your child is not only enjoying
school, but is thriving. Please feel free to ask any questions
you might have!

Our curriculum is a product of many years of experience, multiple theories of
early childhood education, and hours and hours of early childhood related
professional development.

Our goal is to make sure school never seems like “work” for your child. While our
activities are geared towards kindergarten readiness, all skill building activities
will be presented in a fun and interesting way! We will constantly be looking to
the children and allowing their interest and strengths to guide the curriculum.
Our number one job as teachers will be to play with the children. The amount of
meaningful learning that happens during play, far surpasses any type of
instructional teaching we could do! We will take every opportunity to provide
hands on learning experiences.

While play will be our main source of learning in the classroom, there will be
teacher lead times. These times will also be fun and exciting, but more structured
and with specific skill building activity goals. We include story time,
circle time, and some art and literacy projects. No child will ever be forced to
participate or complete an activity. Everything we do is geared to make sure your
child is not only ready for kindergarten, but also progressing through milestones
in every area of development!

Classes and Pricing

2018-2019 School Year

Pre- K
4 & 5 years old

3, 4 & 5 years old

$50.00 registration fee

If you would like to set up a tour,

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Email learningasweplaypreschool@gmail.com
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